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Without learning you won’t be able to make even a bast sandal.
Russian proverb

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If you have opened this page, it means that you are curious to know what I do and to learn about Russian artists in general. And it is a big joy for me to greet you here!

Russian artists are unfortunately little known outside of Russia, except for some much-talked-of names. I doubt it that a man in the street would be able to name more than 3 Russian artists. Of course, art historians are better informed than the general public. And in the meanwhile Russian school of painting indeed has a great story of development tightly connected with the complicated history of the country itself.

From icons and traditional forms the artists have jumped to first-class academicism – to realism that was brightly manifested by Peredvizhniki (and later confirmed by socialist realism), and parallel to this there flourished Russian impressionism and avant-garde, followed later in the 20th century by such a specific phenomenon as non-conformist art. Searchings of the contemporary Russian artists are not less interesting than what is being produced by their colleagues in other countries.

I look forward to sharing my passion for art with you. In my art blog you will find articles about well-known and less notorious works of Russian artists. 

Also on this web page you will find my own works of art.

Wishing you many discoveries!

Natalia Leybina
Paris, 2013